Deakin University


City of Boroondara

The World Health Organization has recently focused attention on guidelines for night noise in urban areas, based on many medical evidences of the adverse impacts of exposure to excessive traffic noise on health, especially caused by sleep disturbance. This includes serious illnesses, such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis and myocardial infarction.

2Loud? is a research project with the aim of developing and testing a mobile phone application to allow community to monitor traffic noise in their environment, with focus on the night period and indoors measurement. Individuals, using mobile phones, inform characteristics of their dwellings and systematically record the level of noise inside their homes overnight. The records from multiple individuals are sent to a server, integrated into indicators and shared through mapping.

2Loud? is not designed to replace existing technical measurements, but to add information which is currently not available. Noise measurements to assist the planning and management of traffic noise are normally carried out by designated technicians, using sophisticated equipment, and following specific guidelines for outdoors locations. This results in very accurate records, however, for being a time consuming and expensive system, it results in a limited number of locations being surveyed and long time between updates. Moreover, technical noise measurements do not survey inside dwellings.

This project is designing and developing a mobile application for community noise monitoring and will testsit in the vicinity of parts of Monash and Eastern Freeways in the City of Boroondara/Vic. The technology itself (accuracy, data processing, and interface) and the participatory process to characterize exposure to traffic noise are assessed as a platform for data capturing, learning, collaboration, and engagement.